La Esance

Packaging Design

Designer YUN-HAN SU, La Esance
Client La Esance

Named after the word "L’Essence" in French, "La Esance" believes that nature is the origin of life and presents a way of living with an elegant attitude. La Esance is a brand inspired by nature and the ingredients in the products are collected from the wilderness.

Our packaging brings the brand philosophy by matching the tones and textures of natural scenery with the product images and having an exquisite arrangement.

The themes of our four dietary supplement products are "Craft of Probiotics", "Aroma of Secret", "Nutrition of Marigold", and "Boutique for Pregnancy". We visualized the four themes through the natural scenery, which are vegetative cover, the lake in the mountains, sunshine on plants, and dense groves. Therefore, the primary colours of packaging, green, purple, yellow, and peach, were captured from the natural scenery and the product images. Moreover, the textures we designed also originate from the natural scenery such as the grass of vegetative cover in green tones, the mountain mist in purple tones, sunshine in yellow tones, and the shape of tree crowns in peach tones.

The packaging series aesthetically enhanced the image of brand La Esance to our target audience and made the products outstanding from competing products.